We’re Growing!

Crowe DNA offers a complete digital solution to career guidance!
July 6, 2021
Creating Engaged Businesses that Thrive
April 7, 2022

We’re Growing!

Crowe DNA Southern Cape specialises in Financial and Management Accounting and has been established as part of Crowe DNA.

We use a holistic approach to business development, focusing on both the financial and human aspects within your company. Both firms are based in the Winelands area.

As we continue on our path of steady growth, we strive to provide our clients with the service they need in an ever increasing and demanding professional environment.

Should you require Financial and Management Accounting services, get in touch with –
Craig Morse – craig.morse@crowe.za.com
Christine Schoeman – christine.schoeman@crowe.za.com
We welcome Crowe DNA Southern Cape to the Crowe family.

About Crowe Global
Ranked eighth largest accounting network in the world, Crowe Global has over 200 independent accounting and advisory firms in 130 countries.

For more than 100 years, Crowe has made smart decisions for multinational clients working across borders.
Crowe’s leaders work with governments, regulatory bodies and industry groups to shape the future of the profession
worldwide. Their exceptional knowledge of business, local laws and customs provide lasting value to clients undertaking international projects.

Crowe provides global reach on a personal scale. Crowe firms focus on the future, the client experience and working with clients to build something valuable, substantial, and enduring.

Close working relationships are at the heart of our effective service delivery. At Crowe, our professionals all share one commitment, to deliver excellence.

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