Utilizing psychometric assessments is a strategic decision

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June 29, 2021
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July 6, 2021

Utilizing psychometric assessments is a strategic decision

Crowe DNA professionals work with firms to enable talent management practices that provide the foundation of facts required to create the human capital strategy, solutions and infrastructure needed to build the right workforce, create a performance based culture and minimize the organization’s exposure to the risks of disengagement and poor performance. Armed with data and years of collective team experience, we support business leaders to implement specific actions to close gaps and realign talent management processes, thereby reducing the organization’s vulnerability and exposure to performance risk.

Gaining better insight into people capability will enable your firm to adjust your talent strategy to suit the changing world dynamics and the ever-growing war for talent. Crowe DNA collects and uses crucial insights from our psychometric assessment centre, using people analytics that inform and guide all stages of the talent management and performance life cycle.

The use of integrated psychometric assessments can transform the success of your business by giving you better insight and understanding of your talent ensuring you not only select the right person for the job, but that you develop them to perform in the job. Due to their construction and scientific validity, psychometric assessment provides accurate and unbiased insight into people’s behavioural characteristics and inherent potential. It will allow you to differentiate your employer brand, recruit the right people, measure for unique attributes that support your culture, manage and develop your staff more effectively, enhance employee engagement, make fair and objective talent decisions and boost retention. Ultimately, recruiting employees who will stay longer, are more engaged and committed to excellent performance will lead to higher customer satisfaction and create the competitive advantage that will enhance business performance and bottom line returns.

In cultivating future leaders and promoting employee wellbeing, we strongly encourage company owners and executives to place greater emphasis on helping leaders and managers become better coaches, communicators and conflict mediators which establishes the foundation for positive support and constructive feedback. As the use of AI continues to accelerate, it’s safe to say that those leaders who display strong organisational behavioural management skills will contribute significantly to “BUILDING YOUR BRAND CAPITAL, a critical strategic objective for any business.

Making the decision to assess, measure and develop your talent is a critical leadership imperative. Deploying and utilizing psychometric assessments is a strategic decision that will not only assist you to identify and address your human capital needs but it will also support your ROI when investing in your human capital assets. Choosing to use our Crowe DNA assessment centre and Organisational Psychologists will support you in the following key areas of talent management practices :

  • Workforce planning
  • Competency frameworks
  • Talent attraction
  • Selection practice
  • Talent development
  • Performance management
  • Recognition and reward
  • Succession management
  • Retention
  • Leadership culture
  • Talent analytics
  • Talent metrics
  • Governance, and
  • Risk management.

About Crowe DNA

As a team of Registered Organisational Psychologists and HR Specialists we offer an extensive and holistic approach which involves the design, implementation and reinforcement of human capital strategies, structures and processes. We focus on helping clients develop and implement the right human capital strategies and practices that suit the environment and therein guide the selection, deployment, development and retention of talent. Grounded in organizational psychology, we leverage research, analytics, expertise and industry insights to enable business performance by removing the “guesswork” from making the right decisions about people for your firm

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