Time to make your disciplinary management process digital

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September 7, 2020
Embracing digital platforms to manage employee talent
September 11, 2020

Time to make your disciplinary management process digital

Even though the COVID-19 restrictions are becoming less strenuous and people seem to think life is going back to normal, we are far from it.

‘Business as we know it’ no longer exists and companies have been forced to operate online much sooner than anticipated. Many employees now work remotely and companies have to conduct its operations, meetings, training and disciplinary processes online.

When it comes to managing employees, it has become increasingly clear that companies are finding it more difficult to manage staff and ensure that performance standards and discipline are maintained.

Crowe DNA is ready to help with its digital APP, known as the ERG (Employee Relations Guide) platform, which enables companies to take immediate action against employees and to ensure that standards are upheld.

The ERG system has 2 functions:

  • ER Guide Online Application – this is an informative function to assist managers and human capital practitioners in making informed employment relations decisions by having access to guides on various employment law principles. Companies are also able to store its policies and procedures on the system, enabling managers to do quick checklists;
  • ER Digital Process – this function allows managers to issue and record disciplinary warnings, manage poor performance procedures, and produce a notice to attend disciplinary hearings anywhere, anytime on mobile and other internet-enabled devices.

Contact Crowe DNA HR advisors on +27 87057 2613 or email dewald.boshoff@crowe.za.com. Let us assist your company in taking the step to convert from manual and paper processes to a world-class digital system.

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