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Human Development Advisory Services

Our overarching goal is to strengthen your business performance and competitive position through your human capital, by collectively bringing invaluable knowledge and skills to the company.


Strategic HR
Development Management

Outsourced HR team to guide and develop sustainable HR function within businesses and includes:
– Advising, supporting and developing your strategic HR plans
– Employee contracting, job descriptions, profiling fit for role
– HR policies and procedure advise and development
– Performance contracting, KPI’s, target¬† setting
– Job grading, job evaluation, remuneration, reward benchmarking

Wellbeing Management

– Employee Wellness initiatives
– Wellness awareness workshops (burnout, stress, depression, anxiety, etc.)
– Individual counselling and coaching
– Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) consulting


– IR advice and guidance
– All misconduct issues
– Disciplinary hearings
– CCMA advice, support and preparation
– Conflict resolution

Learning and

– Workplace behavioural training and employee relations
– Leadership and skills-based training
– Performance management and change management
– Digital HR learning platforms – Training Solutions


Identifying, attracting, developing, and retaining skilled individuals who are essential for an organisation’s success. The following are some services offered under talent management:
– Recruitment support
– Succession planning
– Competency mapping
– Performance management
– Leadership development
– Career development
– Employee retention


– Supporting recruitment and selection; getting the right person for the job and company
– Supporting leadership development and succession planning

Assessment tools available:
– Cognitive Processing Profile (CPP)
– Belbin Team Roles
– Evalex
– Clevry
– Psytech (Ability Assessments)

Organisational Development
Change Management

Systematic and planned changes in an organisation’s structure, culture, and processes to increase productivity, employee engagement, and overall performance. It includes the following:
– Organisational Assessment
– Cultural Change
– Employee Engagement
– Change management planning, communication strategy, and training programs
– Skills audit, diagnostics, and analysis

HR Development

-HR Audits and review processes
– Employee occupational health and safety training and advisory
– B-BBEE training and advisory
– Workplace skills training for health & safety regulations compliance
– Workplace skills planning (WSP) for B-BBEE regulations compliance

Proud Partner

The work environment is evolving swiftly, necessitating a shift in HR strategies. Streamline your HR processes, retain top talent, and cultivate a high-performing team with a focus on enhancing the employee experience.

We have partnered with Zoho People, a cloud-based HR software, is designed to support employees, adapt promptly to changes, and enhance the agility and efficiency of HR management.

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