Engaging and Developing Talent in a VUCA-World

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March 11, 2020

Engaging and Developing Talent in a VUCA-World

Scaling the corporate ladder, which is the enduring gold standard for measuring talent or personal success is no longer relevant. The organisational hierarchy is not what it used to be and the marketplace is now filled with insecurity and uncertainty – both on the part of the employer and the employee. We must now exercise judgement irrespective of the organisational level we are on and make decisions in a VUCA-world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous). Given the reality of a VUCA-world, finding and retaining talent today is at the top of the business agenda. Unfortunately, many organisations have not created the talent management architecture to compete in a VUCA-world.

How Crowe DNA can help

Securing the right people, in the right numbers and the right roles, creating a strong employer brand and value proposition, and aligning your people with your company goals and vision are vital success factors for every business. Risk-intelligent organisations understand the value of attracting, developing and retaining highly competent employees, and make sure they have the programs, tools and processes in place to do so.

Crowe DNA is helping clients across all industries and sectors to adopt a more balanced approach. While it is acknowledged that employees must take ownership for their development, it is also understood that organisations must provide the necessary support, opportunities and tools for employees to self-manage in a way that meets both employee and organisational needs. Organisations, therefore, are expected to pave the way for employees to embark on a talent-journey. We strive to enable talent management practices that provide the foundation of facts required to start creating the strategies, solutions and infrastructure needed to build the right workforce, create a performance culture and minimise the organisation’s exposure to risk. Armed with data and years of collective team experience, we support business leaders to implement specific actions to close gaps and realign talent management processes, thereby reducing the organisation’s vulnerability and exposure to risk and becoming more agile in a VUCA-world.

Better insight into people’s capability allows our clients to adjust their talent strategy to suit the changing dynamics and ever-growing war on talent. Crowe DNA collects and uses crucial insights from psychometric assessments and people analytics that can be used in all stages of the talent management life cycle. Regardless of your industry, product or service, the use of integrated psychometric assessments can transform the success of your business by giving you better insight and understanding of your talent and selecting the right person for the job.

Due to their construction and scientific validity, the psychometric assessment provides accurate and unbiased insight into people’s behaviour and potential. It will allow you to differentiate your employer brand, recruit the right people, measure for unique attributes unique to your culture, manage and develop your staff more effectively, enhance employee engagement, make fair and objective talent decisions and boost retention. Ultimately, recruiting employees who will stay longer, be more engaged and perform better will lead to higher customer satisfaction and competitive advantage that will skyrocket business performance and the bottom line.

Talent will always be your greatest asset when required to function in a VUCA-world, and psychometric assessments are a strategic resource that can help you identify and resolve all your human capital challenges. Our data-driven approach covers all aspects of talent management practices, including:

• Workforce planning

• Competency frameworks

• Talent attraction

• Selection practice

• Talent development

• Performance management

• Recognition and reward

• Succession management

• Retention

• Leadership culture

• Talent analytics

• Talent metrics

• Governance

• Risk management

About Crowe DNA

As a team of registered organisational psychologists and HR specialists, we offer an extensive and holistic approach which involves the design, implementation and reinforcement of strategies, structures and processes, moving beyond the initial efforts to implement a change programme to ensure that change is sustained over time. To excel in a VUCA-world, we focus on helping clients develop and implement strategies and practices to more effectively manage the selection, deployment, development and retention of talent to support current business strategies and to prepare for future challenges. Grounded in organisational psychology, we leverage research, analytics, expertise and industry insights to enable business performance by removing the guesswork from making decisions about people.

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Crowe DNA: Director/Organisational Psychologist

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