Embracing digital platforms to manage employee talent

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September 11, 2020
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October 8, 2020

Embracing digital platforms to manage employee talent

Psychometric assessments have evolved significantly in the last 25 years. Since its debut in the 90s, about 85% of Fortune 500 companies now utilise online assessments to acquire and retain top talent. As all human capital management solutions, innovative and digitalised progression remains a priority in the psychometric space.

Embracing technology and an agile mindset has never been as important as it is now. With most organisations moving towards a digital way of working, most human capital practices and processes are requiring a new level of dynamism.

By adopting digitalisation, organisations are required to:

  • Improve their learning and development initiatives
  • Find new methods to identify high potential employees
  • Conduct and coordinate remote leadership development
  • Revise methods of effective succession planning
  • Identify training needs

To successfully navigate through volatile and uncertain working environments, organisations need to be open to alternative solutions to managing their human capital. A holistic, over-arching, scientific approach to conquering this challenge will be the utilisation of a virtual psychometric assessment centre.

A virtual psychometric assessment centre will enable organisations to attract and engage today’s workforce by creating a signature “wow” experience that will engage applicants and employees on a different level. With the constant requirement to keep up with the ever-changing working environment, candidates also prefer faster response rates and feedback at all stages of the employee life cycle (recruitment, selection, training and development etc.). By adopting virtual psychometric assessment centres, organisations will be able to make decisions quickly and effectively, while simultaneously attracting talent and building their employer brand in accordance with the necessary adaptability and flexibility.

The benefits of a virtual psychometric assessment centre enable organisations to:

  • Assess an unlimited number of candidates
  • Reduce turnaround time
  • Pay no extra costs
  • Boost completion rates
  • Accelerate the selection process
  • Provide tablet and mobile friendly tests for candidates who are “on the move”
  • Complete assessments anytime, anywhere

At Crowe DNA, our fully operational virtual assessment centre can allow your organisation to flourish in the new digital era. Take a step into the digital future and ensure your psychometric assessment procedures are top class and that you attract, hire and retain the best possible talent for your organisation.

Invest in our virtual assessment centre today!

Contact us on +27 87 057 2613 or email kristi.kleingbiel@crowe.za.com to help you take the digital step towards assessing your talent.

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