Crowe DNA: Key Talent Insights for 2021

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November 11, 2020
New Labour Law case deals with a South African employee who refused to come into work during lockdown.
January 28, 2021

Crowe DNA: Key Talent Insights for 2021

As we reflect on 2020, we also take the opportunity to reflect on how the world of work is changing and the many lessons we’ve learned in the process. This article intends to share a few key talent insights that business leaders should be aware of in the months to come.

Firstly, a new war for talent is emerging. Perhaps surprisingly, research conducted by LinkedIn has revealed that the current number of vacancies in the market is as high as it was a year ago. For organisations, this means that the demand for skilled employees is higher than before and they will need to stand out in the market to compete for talent!

Another key shift in talent management practices is that of a change in focus from succession planning as a ‘replacement strategy’, to a highly strategic focus on talent mobility. The best organisations view succession planning as a key talent management process with the intention of mapping talent across all levels of the organisation and aligning individual employees’ internal career paths to their HR and people strategy.

Now more than ever, your organisation must ensure that its recruitment tactics clearly communicate the organisation’s purpose and values to attract candidates aligned with your organisation’s values. The employee experience has also become increasingly important, with top organisations focusing on employee experience as a corporate strategy—as opposed to resorting to ad hoc initiatives.

Some of the key characteristics of ‘irresistible organisations’ for top talent include organisations that provide meaningful work, hands-on management, a productive environment, a focus on health and wellbeing, growth opportunities, and trust in leadership. Focusing on these areas in your business will enable a complete employee experience and articulating this clearly in your selection strategies will prove pivotal.

Crowe DNA’s team of HR specialists and organisational psychologists will partner with your business to develop a talent management strategy geared towards attracting, selecting and retaining top talent.

Our team can support your business to develop:

  • An engaging employee value proposition and employer branding initiatives for your business to stand out in the market;
  • An efficient selection and onboarding process for a positive candidate experience;
  • Talent mapping aligned to our bespoke competency framework;
  • Succession planning across all levels of the organisation; and
  • Personal development plans for all employees, which enable individual-, team-, and organisational effectiveness.

Our tailored solutions are aligned to our psychometric assessment centre, which allows us to make data-driven decisions guided by our talent analytics as we enable your business to thrive.

Contact a Crowe DNA Consultant to find out more today!

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