Creating Engaged Businesses that Thrive

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September 15, 2021

Creating Engaged Businesses that Thrive

We define engagement as the state of being ‘present, focused and energised’. The challenge that most practice firms and companies face is the capability to accurately track, measure and improve engagement levels amongst their teams, which in turn negatively impacts on performance and growth.

At Crowe DNA, we use Engage Multiplier (EM), a digital state of the art technology platform that provides this capability, that uses both quantitative and qualitative insights gained from years of experience and global benchmarking exercises. Critical to the platform is how our team of consultants work directly alongside business and practice owners to create engaged teams which gives rise to developing happier, more productive, purpose driven places to work. Naturally this commitment to a true engagement process supports the crucial requirement and need that all businesses must pay careful attention to attracting and retaining human capital and talented team members.

The Engage Multiplier (EM) platform was created to meet the growing need and appetite for a robust technology solution to measure and predictably improve employee engagement. Since then, the appetite, appreciation and understanding that business leaders and HR professionals have of the importance of employee engagement has grown exponentially.

Employee engagement is both measurable and transformational.
Crowe DNA as a licensed partner of the EM platform can enable any business and practice to harness the power of this technology to engage their team to grow their business. We bring the digital solution that enables organisations to effectively communicate with their employees and measurably improve culture, morale, productivity, performance and ultimately profitability. EM is fully accessible to anyone who has internet access, anywhere in the world. Through EM we are helping our clients harness the power of engaged teams, attract and retain productive talent, and become great places to work.

Unlocking potential and improving lives

To get going all prospective clients are granted an initial free trial, without any obligation or commitment. This no risk approach means they can complete a full assessment on the experience of working with Crowe DNA and then receive and appreciate the meaningful data and insights the EM technology provides across their entire business. Over 80% of organisations that take a free trial become clients, such is the power of the insights received. When companies sign up to use the technology, less than 26% are initially scored, anonymously, as ‘engaged’ by their staff. In less than 12 months, that percentage climbs to over 93%.

Dan Sullivan, America’s leading entrepreneurial coach, has described the EM platform technology as “democratically transformative”.

At Crowe DNA we are passionate about improving the lives of business and practice owners, leaders and employees. We aim to give life to the Crowe values every day and it is in the spirit of these values, to Care, Share, Invest and Grow that we want to offer all Crowe firms the opportunity to experience the EM technology.

Today more than ever, employees have a voice and need to be heard. Research is conclusive that there is a direct correlation between growth and client retention when more staff are engaged and committed to the business goals and purpose. We know that a human touch is more important than a technology solution, but our consultants truly understand the power that comes from combining the two.

Contact Susan Smith of Crowe DNA. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from adopting a leadership attitude and approach that places employee engagement and satisfaction at the top of your board room agenda.

Susan Smith
Crowe DNA
Somerset West, South Africa

“Engagement Multiplier is a Game Changer….and I say that as a veteran of almost every survey option that we have utilised having fostered disappointment, frustration and inertia.

The beauty of Engagement Multiplier is that it is not onerous for the staff to complete, is revelatory in its results and offers a tangible guide to management as to what is necessary to fully engage its most precious asset – the workforce.

It is a dynamic tool, rather than retrospective, and the participants actually believe it gives them a say and involvement in the future of the company.

It is not often that simplicity can engender such sophistication and positivity. I have never before truly felt that I knew the wishes of my staff so incontrovertibly.”
– Jeremy King, Corbin & King.

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